BABEL– or The Art of Listening in TYA

A large-scale European cooperation project, which pursues the rights of children and young people to full cultural citizenship, and aims to investigate the process of communication, intercultural dialogue, and mutual understanding, and more broadly, performing arts for young audiences.

Video BABEL in elPetit 2023



Period: 2023 – 2025


European Erasmus+ research project on the interstices between artists, teachers and children with the aim of bringing high-quality contemporary art closer to nursery school, early childhood education and primary school, improving the creativity and critical thinking of children and promote opportunities to participate in cultural experiences, reducing inequalities in their access following three principles: interaction, participation and democracy in educational contexts.Related to laSala’s training project, ‘Teachers in movement’.


UAB (Catalunya)
Universitat de Stavanger (Noruega),
Universitat de Bath (Regne Unit) i Universitat de Bologna (Itàlia) i laSala | elPetit (Catalunya).

Period: 2020 – 2023


El Meu Primer Festival de Cinema, elPetit, FLIC Festival and La Setmana de l’Àlbum are four festivals that, in recent years, have become essential on the agendas of catalan families with cultural concerns and a desire to experience quality artistic proposals.

FamíliaFest brings together all the information, the calendar and the links so that you can choose proposals for the performing, cinematographic, performative and literary arts. Everything, for family audiences and for professionals who are dedicated to it.


laSala360, together with Projecte Nius and the Management and Parental Responsibility Group of the Brians 2 Penitentiary Center, have co-created the SPOON project, a game installation where spoons are the protagonists. These sound spaces, built with the collaboration of mothers and fathers serving a custodial sentence, will be installed in the halls of some of the Festival venues so that families can, through play, explore shapes, sounds and textures with these spoons that will be transformed into instruments, bars, mini-worlds and labyrinths. Finished the Festival, these installations travel to the penitentiary centers so that the families of the inmates can enjoy.


Erasmus+ European project to exchange experiences and strategies in relation to the impact of the Arts on the cultural health of neighborhoods, especially those that are socially complex and at risk of exclusion. The final objective of the project is to develop a strategic plan of cultural, social and educational impact in the district to be implemented in the period (2023-2025).The multidisciplinary team led by laSala includes professionals from the Calvet d’Estrella Nursery School, the Calvet d’Estrella Early Childhood and Primary School, the Northern Library and the Department of Culture, Social Action and Civil Rights of Sabadell City Council.


Compagnie ACTA (França)Starcatchers (Escòcia)2TURVENHOOG (Holanda)laSala elPetit (Catalunya)

Period: 2021-2024


International European network specialized in Performing Arts 0 to 5 years with 91 associated entities from 37 different countries.



Artistic Co-Creation Workshop by Baychimo Teatro Company and the Parental Management and Responsibility Group of Brians 2 Penitentiary Center, inspired by the installation "Versos que anidan." This proposal encourages an approach to poetic language to foster the creation of texts, soundscapes, and visual pieces that will inhabit the interior of each nest. A technical and artisanal process that, through the voices of incarcerated fathers, will culminate in the installation "Voces que anidan" to be displayed in some lobbies of the elPetit Festival venues. After the festival, these installations will travel to penitentiary centers so that the families of incarcerated fathers and mothers can enjoy them.

A tree that invites you to listen and observe. To enjoy an intimate and personal experience. But also a meeting space. A place to share a special moment.

A tree inhabited by nesting voices. Voices that often remain invisible to us.

laSala | elPetit
Baychimo Teatro

Parental Management and Responsibility Group of Brians 2 Penitentiary Center

Departament de Justícia de la Generalitat de Catalunya