Ingredients for a flash mini-book

Inge Nouws |Netherlands - Catalonia


3 elements selected from a shopping list become a vehicle, a character, and an animal. The 3 characters are the protagonists of the mini-story.

The main objective of the project is to harness the transformative power of visual arts to support incarcerated mothers in sharing their experiences and emotions with their children and to promote communication between them and their families. To do this, we will work on creating visual artworks that tell personal stories. These artworks will not have a theatrical focus but will instead focus on the narration of personalized stories that address experiences and emotions that incarcerated mothers can share with their sons and daughters.

This project offers an opportunity for incarcerated mothers to connect with their children through art and storytelling, contributing to improving their emotional well-being and their ability to express themselves creatively.

Furthermore, from the elPetit festival, we believe that this project has the potential to have a longer-lasting impact by conducting 3 workshops within CPDones, 1 workshop at COBI school, and 1 family meeting at CPDONes